- Sports Administration Course (A) Continues.

The Sports Administration Course (A) organised by the UAE Football Association Academy in collaboration with the Pro League Committee and the United States Sports Academy continues until the 16th of March at the UAE FA Academy headquarters in Dubai. The course had started on the 5th of March with 15 participants.

The course aims to provide attendants with a deep understanding of sports Administration concepts to enable them to assess similarities and differences between conventional business models and sports business models, summarise unique sports business models for professional, team and Olympic sports. In addition to explaining organisational and leadership models in sports business, assessing important sports business cases sports managers have to deal with, strategy creation to resolve sports business problems through proper organisation and financial awareness, establishing an organisation plan for sports organisations that includes organisational structure, operational objectives and budgeting.

The UAE FA Academy utilised lectures, field applications and workshops, while at the end of the course, the attendees’ depth of understanding will be assessed by asking them to submit a detailed plan, applying the concepts learnt throughout the course in a football context.

The sports Administration course contains three levels; starting with C, B then A. The UAE FA in collaboration with the PLC had organised five C courses and three B courses. To enroll in the sports Administration (A) course, participants must first pass course C and B.

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